Guinness Surger 2021

Guinness Surger has been the lastest trend to take over the city, apparently creating a Guinness Pint exactly like you would get in a pub. With all the pubs closed and not much else to do, we thought we’d jump on the trend!

Now what is a Guinness Surger you might ask- 

The Guinness Surger is an electrical device with a little metal plate on it; you pour a little water onto the plate, put a half quart of the unique Guinness Draft Surger Beer set up and after that turn the force on, sending ultrasonic heartbeats up through the lager to make the rich head.

With the O.G Guinness surger units being quite pricey, (around £150) we heard rumours that an ultrasonic jewellery cleaner does the exact same thing.  Having heard veryy good reviews, we took our chances and ordered a jewellery cleaner from Amazon (See image) They ranged from £30-70 so we went with the Signstek model which was £45.

Arriving a day later we put the machine to work straight away and can confirm it creates a 10/10 pint! Would defiantly recommend if you are missing those perfectly pulled Guinness pints in the pub.

Top Tip:  Make sure the cans are extremely cold or it won’t work to it’s potential

You can buy the can’s online or in-store £2.15




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