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MONKEY 47 50cl

£ 45.99

Germany | ABV 47%

Monkey 47 Schwarzwald Dry Gin is distilled in-house in the Schwarzwald (Black Forest) region of Germany. The ’47’ in the name comes from both the 47 botanicals used and the 47% ABV. Meanwhile the ‘monkey’ element refers to the story of a British Air Force Commander who helped rebuild Berlin Zoo after the war, including sponsoring an egret monkey (depicted on the label) and later opening a Black Forest guesthouse called ‘The Wild Monkey’ at which he served his own gin.

​Monkey 47 Gin founder Alex Stein discovered this story and was inspired to create a new gin, even using records of the original recipe as inspiration, such as including lingonberries, cranberries and spruce shoots amongst the botanicals.

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