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£ 11.00

1 x Johnnie Walker Black Label 5cl – Johnnie Walker Black Label whiskey is sweetness wrapped in smoke. A love affair between sweet fruit and creamy toffee flavours. The result is deep layers of sweet fruit, spice, and vanilla – all wrapped in a cloak of smoke!

1 x Johnnie Walker Red Label 5cl – Johnny Walker Red Label is a bold and vibrant flavoured Scotch that crackles with sweet smoke and sparkles with cinnamon. Honey notes cascade over fresh fruit, while pepper bursts through crisp apple

1 x Glass – Enjoy your perfectly blended Scotch Whisky drinks, created using only whiskies aged for a minimum of twelve year from the four corners of Scotland, in a premium branded johnnie walker glass, the perfect whiskey set!

This award-winning scotch whisky is an impressive gift for someone who appreciates smooth and smoky whiskies.

Enjoy Johnnie Walker’s most iconic flavours, crafted by our small team of blenders using the best Single Malt whisky and Grain whisky.

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