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£ 39.95

This Gin has been making big waves since it launched in June 2022 which is no mean feat in a somehwat saturated Gin market these days.  Molecular Scientists James Richardson and Martha Garbe, created this Gin with the utmost precision in mind using water drawn from a 600ft borehole in the basalt rock of the Northern Irelands famous Giant’s Causway region.  Bottled at 50.1% ABV the high alcohol content is vital to carry the flavours of the carefully selected botanicals which include tailed pepper, kombu royale, sea buckthorn and buckwheat correctly through to the taste.  Add in a highly distinctive bottle and they are definitely onto a winner with this gin.

We couldn’t help but be impressed by the entire package and even at it’s the alcohol strength, it’s surprisingly easy to drink and enjoyable neat.  Perfect for cocktails, or for a straight up Gin and Tonic, this is a premium Gin in everysense and will have you coming back for a more in no time!

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