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£ 37.95

Walled City Brewery, Derry| ABV 40%

May 1932, Amelia Earhart has set off on the first female solo flight across the Atlantic, but she’s had to go off track… She’s landed – not in Paris as planned -but the Gallagher family’s field near Derry. This small batch gin uses the finest hand picked botanicals including purple saxifrage, elderberry and hawthorn berry, from the meadow where she landed. This unique gin embodies the pioneering spirit that is Amelia Earhart.

With a traditional base of  juniper, coriander & angelica root Earhart is a classic gin. Our locally foraged wild botanicals – hawthorn berry, elderberry & purple saxifrage add to this – giving Earhart its signature taste.

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  1. Mark

    I’ve traveled the world and had tried Gin from many different countries and honestly this is the best gin I’ve ever come across, all though it tastes good with a variety of mixers ( atleast the ones I’ve tried) I usually just have it on the rocks as a slow drink , highly recommend it !

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