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Just like a musician, Jean Pierre Seve creates variations using the different notes that distinguish each of his terroirs as well as his own sensitivity, thus producing a most aromatic and harmonious symphony capable of awakening all your senses and inciting you to share this hearty pleasure.

The date for the September grape harvest is decided for each plot through strict monitoring of the maturity. Some plots are harvested mechanically, others manually (depending on the vine’s shape and its age).The grapes enter the vat rooms quickly. They are then pressed using a low-pressure pneumatic press, which allows us to obtain a juice as clear as a finished wine. The must (freshly pressed grape juice) is poured in vats as it leaves the press. Twenty-four hours later, Jean-Pierre carries out a first racking, which consists in separating the clear juice from the heavier sediments deposited at the bottom of the vat.

The Chardonnay grape variety, in this terroir vintage, reaches a pure and clear expression where in you may find the Solutré minerality all wrapped up in Pouilly’s fatness.Its colours offers some golden-yellow reflections. It gives off floral aromas that recall citrus fruits and white blooms.One detects, on the palate, Pouilly-Fouissé’s typical fresh mineral taste.

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